GSC PPP Coordinating Center



Just like National PPP Projects, the approval for the Local PPP Projects depend on the Cost of the projects.  Per the latest  Revised and Amended Build-Operate Transfer (BOT) Implementing Rules and Regulations, the Local PPP project approval are as follows:  For Project with Total Project Cost (TPC) of up to P50M, the approving authority is the City Development Council; for Projects  with TPC above P50M-P200M, the approval is at the Regional Develop Council. Both of which requires the approval of the Sangguniang Panlungsod. Lastly, for projects above P200M, the approval is at the level of the NEDA Investment Coordinating Committee.

For the City of General Santos, the GSC PPP Code of 2015 known as  An Ordinance Adopting the Code of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Approach in the Financing, Construction, Operation and Maintenance of Local Government Infrastructure or Development Projects,  Creating the General Santos City Private Partnership Board (GSCPPPB), providing appropriations and Incentives Therefor and For Other Purposes shall apply.


Projects applying under the  Joint-Venture Mode, Ordinance No. 28 Series of 2017.  the GSC Joint-Venture Ordinance applies wherein the Pre-selection, selection process, preparation or evaluation of the Project study, and tender documents and drafting or evaluation of JV Agreements are done by the Joint-Venture Selection Committee. Then the project will be endorsed to the Local Sanggunian for Prior Authorization. All Joint-Venture Agreements must be signed by the City Mayor.


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For the City of General Santos City, for 2022 onwards, projects identified in the Sustainable Urban Infrastructure Development (SUID) Masterplan  are being promoted. These projects can be found in the gallery below. 


Instructions To The Potential Private Sector Partner – Applicant To An Original Proponent Status






General Instructions:

1.) Kindly present 3 sets of documents prepared in A4-sized paper

  • Two (2) sets should be in hardcopy: 
    1. 1 Original Copy (for presentation only); 
    2.  1 photocopy (for submission);  
  • 1 set in soft copy (should be colored and clear copy of the scanned individual documents) burned   in CD/USB, duly labeled according to the checklist of documents. 


2) To access the document templates, kindly click on the link (in blue font) below and go to File then Download.


3.)Feasibility study, draft contract, and other documents shall be submitted in a sealed envelope.


General Requirements:

Title of document



Expected Contents

  1. Cover Letter


  • basic information of the Unsolicited 


  • Expected output and outcome
  • Implementation period;
  • General Description of new technology or new concept, and
  • Other relevant information


  1. Filled Unsolicited Project profile Template




  • Name of Entity/Consortium
  • Office Address
  • Telephone/Fax Number
  • E-mail Address
  • SEC/DTI/CDA Registration No./Date: 
  • Local-Foreign Ownership 
  • List of Members of the Consortium, if applicable
  • List of Contractors (include contractors for Design & Engineering, Construction, and Operations and Maintenance)
  • Background

information of stockholders (local and foreign) (GIS)

  • SEC/DTI/CDA Registration No./Date
  • Local-Foreign Ownership  



  • Authorized Representative to LGU-Gensan
  • Name  
  • Position
  • E-mail 
  • Address 



    Name/Title of Project:

Project Description: 

Project Life:

Project Cost:

Type of Joint Venture (indicate if contractual or corporate) 

Contribution of LGU to the JV

Contribution of the private sector to the JV J

JV Sharing Scheme

Sources of Revenue 

Revenue and/or Cost Sharing Scheme  

Specific Products/Service:

Production Capacity/Year:





I Project Background/ Description of the Project


II Technical Study

III PROJECT TIMETABLE AND COST (PHP) (kindly indicate N/A when the activity is not applicable) - part of the FS/revised proposal; before Negotiation




  • Sector
  • Project Location:
  • Proposed Payment Scheme:
  • Contractual Arrangement and length of Concession or cooperation period
  • Project Scope
  • Total Project Cost
  • Area impacted by the Project
  • Project linkages with national and regional development thrusts, goals, gender and development, and the environment:
  • Estimated Life of the Project
  • Government Undertaking


Legal Institutional Arrangements 

Stakeholder’s Analysis 

Project Proponent’s Composition

  • New Technology/ New Concept -
  • Technical Design - * lay-out
  • Demand Forecasting - 
  • Technical and Operational Analysis/ Feasibility



  • Obtaining licenses, permits, registration with government agencies and other private firms;

Land improvements and civil works

- Land & land improvements

- Plant building & other Infrastructure

- Site preparation and Development

  - Hiring of


  - Civil Works



  • 2021-2046



  • reflective of the type of Expense and the Cost Estimates

- Pre-Operating

      - Land

     - Other expenses

         - building

         -     Leasehold improvements

     - Other Expenses

Machinery & Equipment

Working Capital

Total Project cost


  • Equity 
  • Loan
  •  Note: A reasonable percentage of the equity to be provided by the private sector proponent should come from its own resources and not borrowed. (Section 9 e. of the GSC JV Ordinance)
  • Please indicate here how much of the private sector’s contribution to the joint venture will be financed through equity and loan


Private Sector Contributions


  • Capital
  • Services
  • Personnel
  • Assets

(Indicate Description and Value)

Proposed Government Sector Contributions

  • Money
  • Capital
  • Services
  • Personnel
  • Assets

(Indicate Description and Value)










  • This must be reflective of the Revenue/Profit Share of the Private Sector and the Government
  • Describe the process, design, methodology, or engineering concept to be used


  • -       REQUIREMENT: Project Finance Model (Excel File, traceable) 
  • -       PURPOSE: Determine if the project is profitable and bankable. 
  • -       Create a financial model from the point of view of the Project
    • -       E.g., Sources of Revenue: Shares
    • -       Determine cost
    • -       Calculate FCFF and FCFE. From here calculate, net present value, Project IRR, and Equity IRR (both government and private sector)
    • -       This will be important in the financial bid of the procurement process. 
      • Complete Financial Model (cash flow, income statement, balance sheet, and assumption sheets) for the whole duration of the project, whichever is shorter **as a whole and for every equipment/technology/product
  • What are the economic benefits of the project to the different stakeholders?
  • Maybe quantitative or qualitative


  • Impact on the Health of the residents
  • Environmental Impact Analysis on the Project/ Preliminary environmental assessment (requirement in the ECC which is a post-award requirement; Notice to Proceed cannot be awarded by the LGU without the ECC)



  1. Draft Contract


  1. Specific contractual agreement, term, and scope of work


  1.  Project technical specifications and system features



  1. Implementation milestones including those for securing other approvals, project completion date


  1. Cost recovery scheme via proposed tolls, fees, rentals, and charges, as the case may be



  1. Liquidated damages contemplated under Section 12.14 of BOT IRR



  1. Performance and warranty bonds contemplated under Sections 12.8 and 12.9 of BOT IRR


  1. Minimum insurance coverage as may be required for the project


  1.  Acceptance tests and procedures


  1. Warranty period and procedures (under transfers)


  1. Grounds for and effects of contract termination including modes for settling disputes



  1. Manner and procedures for the resolution of warranty against corruption


  1. Compliance with all other applicable laws, rules, and regulations


  1. Minimum Performance Specifications and Standards (MPSS) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • OTHER DOCUMENTS   needed even if proprietary in nature


  • Board Resolution Authorizing officer/representative to transact, execute and sign in behalf of the applicant enterprise
  • SEC Registration with Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws, including amendments; Primary Purpose or application for SEC registration indicating the purpose of business/intended activity applied for.
  • GIS - latest (indicating compliance to equity requirements)
  • BIR Certificate of Registration
  • Audited Financial Statements and Income Tax Return (for the past 3 years) 
  • Form 1 Duly Filled Out and Notarized Application to Submit Qualification Documents for the Project
  • Form 2A(for partnership/corporation) /2B (for consortium) Duly Filled Out  (Business Structure)
  • Form 3 Duly Filled Out (Basic Information Sheet)
  • Form 4 Integrity Pledge
  • Form 5 Duly Filled and Notarized Certificate of Absence Unsatisfactory Performance
  • Form 8 Duly Filled Out and Notarized Certification on Relevant Operation and Maintenance Experience 
  • Attachment 8.1 Duly Filled and Notarized Disclosure of All Claims and Cases
  • Attachment 8.2 Duly Filled Out and Notarized Statement of Commitment to Participate in and Capacity to Undertake the Operation and Maintenance Works, and Commitment to Enter into an Agreement with the PSP-OP ( in case a third party will be hired to do the Operation and Maintenance Works
  • Form 9 Statement of all Ongoing and Completed projects
  • Form 10 Duly Filled Out and Notarized Statement of Commitment to Participate in, and Capacity to Undertake the Design and Engineering Works and Commitment to Enter into an Agreement with the PSP-OP Applicant to Undertake the  Design and Engineering (In case a third          party will be hired to do the design and engineering work)
  • Attachment 10.1 Duly Filled and Notarized Disclosure of All Claims and Cases
  • Form 12 Duly Filled and Notarized Certification on Available Key Personnel
  • Attachment 12.1 Duly Filled Out and Notarized Undertaking by Key Personnel
  • Form 13 Certification on Single Largest Contract on a Similar Scale (at   least 50%) Attachments:  Contract; Contractor’s Performance Evaluation (CPES) Rating Sheets and/or Certificate of Completion; Certificate of Acceptance



  • Form 14 : Duly Filled Out and Notarized Statement of Net Worth or Set-Aside Deposit 
  • Attachment 14.1 Duly Filled Out Form of Bank Letter Testimonial/ Certificate of Bank Deposit reflecting the account’s balance issued by a domestic universal or commercial bank dated not earlier than ten (10) days before the submission of the Qualification Documents


          For Projects which require construction:


  • Form 6 Certification on Relevant Design and Engineering Experience (to be accomplished by the PSP-OP applicant in case it does the designing and 

            engineering task)

  • Attachment 6.1 Duly Filled and Notarized Disclosure of All Claims and Cases
  • Form 7 Duly Filled Out and Notarized Certification on Relevant Construction Experience (to be accomplished by the contractor/PSP-OP applicant)
  • Attachment 7.1 Duly Filled and Notarized Disclosure of All Claims and Cases
  • Attachment 7.2 Duly Filled Out and Notarized Statement of Commitment to Participate in and Capacity to Undertake the Construction Works, and Commitment to Enter into an Agreement with the PSP-OP ( in case a third party will be hired to do the Construction Works





Fill in the form and attached all the necessary document in .pdf file with Duly filled and Notarize documents.

Max. file size: 100 MB.
Max. file size: 100 MB.
Max. file size: 100 MB.
Max. file size: 100 MB.
Max. file size: 100 MB.
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Max. file size: 100 MB.
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Max. file size: 100 MB.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

The General Santos City PPP Coordinating Center

The General Santos City PPP Coordinating Center (PPP-CC) was created in accordance to Section 14 of Ordinance No. 9 Series of 2014 or the General Santos City Public-Private Partnership Code as support to the implementation of the PPP program of the City . It houses the services and facilities to ensure implementation of the Code by harmonizing all national and local government efforts in collaboration with private stakeholders through the implementation of policies, programs and activities.

Currently, it is under the Investment Division of the City Economic Management and Cooperative Development Office which exercise administrative control and provides the necessary personnel for the its operations.


The GSC PPP Coordinating Center is responsible in providing Secretariat Services to the PPP Board by implementing its policies and guidelines, and shall specifically perform the following duties:

a. Provide administrative support to the  Board ;

b. establish and maintain linkages with other offices and  agencies;

c. facilitate meetings of the Board, prepare agenda, resolutions and minutes thereof, and submit for their consideration and approval the policies and actions to fulfill pursuant to the provisions of the PPP Code.

d. Prepare budgetary requirements for the operations of the Board;

e. Report to the Board matters affecting plans, programs, and performance of the PPP Coordinating Center.

f. Keep all records and decisions made by the Board and maintain a library of literature regarding public-private partnerships;

g. Coordinate inter-related tasks and functions between and among the Board, PPP-SC, PPP Project TWG, PPP Center, and with such other necessary and appropriate offices and agencies; and

h. Perform such other functions necessary and incidental for the effective implementation of this Code as directed by the Board;


The PPP Coordinating Center shall provide technical secretariat services to the PPP Selection Committee and shall specifically perform the following duties:

a. Provide administrative support to the PPP SC;

b. Organize and arrange all necessary requirements for PPP-SC Meeting.

c. Prepare the minutes of meetings

d. File and keep all records pertaining to PPP-SC transactions;

e. Facilitate arrangements for pre-qualifications, pre-bid conference, and bid openings;

f. Facilitate the compliance of all the requisite permits and approval prior to implementation of PPP Projects;

g. Submit the original signed copy of the PPP contract and other project- related documents to the Board and the PPP Center within (5) working days after signing thereof; and

h. Perform such other functions that are necessary and incidental for the effective operation of the PPP Selection Committee.

Legal Basis in Implementing Public-Private Partnership Projects
in General Santos City

In order to realize the implementation of Public-Private Partnership Projects in General Santos City, the Local Government Unit, through its Sangguniang Panlungsod passed two ordinances namely:

  1. Ordinance Number 9 Series of 2014 or  The General Santos City Public-Private Partnership Code
  2. Ordinance Number 28 Series of 2017 or the General Santos City Joint-Venture Ordinance

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    Having been  cognizant of its role in advancing the general welfare and promoting the interest of the community and the city within the framework of sustainable and integrated development,  the Local Government Unit of General Santos City adopted this Ordinance  in 2015; with the end-view of ensuring the participation of the private sector in local governance through effective and viable Public-Private Partnerships.

     Specifically, this ordinance is enacted to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To provide rules and guidelines for entering into PPP Contractual Arrangements between the City and Private Sector Entities;
  2. To ensure that Contractual Arrangements reflect appropriate sharing of risks between the government and the Project Proponent;
  3. To ensure close coordination between the national government and the City;
  4. To ensure strict compliance by the City and the Project Proponent of their respective obligations and undertakings under the PPP Contracts and the monitoring thereof;
  5. To ensure that all PPP Contracts are awarded through an open, transparent, and competitiveness process;
  6. To encourage the pooling of resources and expertise between government and private sector entities through PPP as a viable, efficient, and practical alternative in pursuing the development goals of the city.

To read more about the PPP Ordinance, kindly click this link:


The 1991 Local Government Code and its Implementing Rules and Regulations do not define Joint-Venture and the requirements, conditions and procedures in choosing the private JV partners, hence, the absence of a detailed statute and national framework on LGU JVs and the authority of LGUs to adopt or enact their own LGU JV framework or ordinance was confirmed by the Department  of Interior and Local Government or DILG (Legal Opinion No.10, s. 2014, 8 April  2014; Legal Opinion No. 47 s. 2012, 13 July 2012) and the Department of Justice (Opinion No. 18, S. 2012, 3 April 2012). Moreover, as Presidential Executive Order No. 78 (4 July  2012) affirmed that local government units may provide their own JV rules, guidelines and procedures, the LGU General Santos City came up with its own  General Santos City Joint-Venture Ordinance in the year 2017.


In pursuing JVs,   as stated in Section 4 of the JV Ordinance, the City shall be guided by the following reasons and drivers:

a. JVs shall be promoted to provide more, better, affordable and timely services to the community;

b. JVs shall promote the pooling and community of resources, sharing of responsibilities and functions, joint governances and decision-making, mutual innovation, and profit, income, dividends, risk and loss allocation.

c. JVs shall encourage the accelerated implementation of local projects, allow for technology transfer, and improved efficiency and quality of service, provide value-for-money and good economic value, enhance economic and social benefits.

d. Procurement of JV Projects  must be competitive and must be undertaken through open competitive bidding or competitive challenge, or in certain cases, limited negotiations. Competition must be legitimate, fair and honest. The selection of the private sector co-venturer must be done in compliance with the requirements of competition, transparency and accountability.

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To read more about the JV Ordinance, kindly click download button below.


Amount of Investment Generated for 2020


Gross Sales of Registered Firms for 2020


Total Business Registered


Total No. of Registered Cooperatives