Core Values



is best displayed in our day-to-day conduct if we do not abuse our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health but rather take care of it; if we treat every costumer with equity, compassion and respect; if we serve the public with dignity and pride; and if we maintain our integrity amidst challenges of corruption and mediocrity.



is exhibited when we do not let our customers unnecessarily wait; when we see them smile because we create and innovate ways they do not expect; when we do not settle for mediocrity and find ways when there seems to be none; and when we recognize our lapses and continue to improve our processes and competencies.



is best illustrated if we cuddle the principles and the essence of our “Panunumpa ng Lingkod Bayan” - continuing to cultivate our knowledge and striving for excellence in order to serve our city better; setting aside our own desires and prioritizing what’s best for all; conserving our office resources; and never conspiring with things against our pledge as a public servant.


is demonstrated in showing our love and support to our co-workers as a family in order to achieve our common goals. It is recognizing and accepting each other’s talents, capabilities, limitations and weaknesses and contributing our resources without reservations. It is team work when we encourage criticism and open discussion to come up with a team decision and celebrate it.


is attested through our continuous learning and accepting new challenges. It is when we can change to respond to the needs of our customers and when we are open to improvement and address feedback appropriately. Further, we have this value when believe that once empowered, we can do better than our best.

In line with our city’s vision of “Magandang Gensan” and as part of the design of our Wednesday polo shirts, our LGU core values will continually mirror our espoused individual values. We do this until we all together embrace and share our common set of organizational values that becomes our way of life in the city hall. As humble public servants of the local government and as Generals, we should always remember that our chosen organizational value is our advocacy. If we live with our five organizational values on a day to day basis while satisfying our customers, then General Santos City will indeed become a “ Magandang Gensan”.

(Official Publication of General Santos City Local Government, Vol. 1 No. 1, HRMDO)


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