Online Talipapa

Online Talipapa

Online Talipapa is an e-commerce venture of the Moving Talipapa.


With the advent of technology and, most, if not everyone already has a smartphone, the Moving Talipapa transformed to cater the online market in partnership with established e-commerce companies to provide the most efficient and far-reaching online market. Thus, the team has come up with an alternative that is both efficient and far-reaching: E-talipapa which can also be beneficial to our MSMEs, cooperatives, transport and the community.


  • In partnership with established e-commerce platform, the moving talipapa transformed to online market. Our partners were the medium for which people can place orders – we have partnered with Home grown online app – Ant Solutions, cooperatives,  MSMEs and transport groups)
  • The said partnership was under a non-exclusive agreement.


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