What is a Credit Surety Fund (CSF)

A CSF is a fund generated from the contributions of well-capitalized and well-managed cooperative NGOs, LGUs, GFIs and GAs which shall be obtained by qualified borrowers from lending banks by way of a surety cover issued by the Board of Directors of the CSF Cooperative. Banks generally required collaterals when extending loans, a requirement that some micro, MSMEs often find difficult to comply.


In what Business Can A CSF Cooperative Engage

A CSS Cooperative is established for the primary and exclusive purpose of ADMINISTERING THE CSF, which is used to provide credit enhancement support by way of issuing surety cover to secure loans of qualified MSME and cooperative/NGO borrowers in lieu of hard collaterals


What is a CSF Cooperative

A CSF Cooperative is an LGU-partnered cooperative comprised of well-capitalized and well managed cooperative/ non-government unit organizations (NGOs), Local Government Unit (LGU), government financial institution (GFIs) and other government agencies (GAs), which will enable the micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), cooperatives and NGOs to have easier access to credit from banks despite lack of collaterals. RA 10744 or the CSF Cooperative Act of 2015 provides for the creation and organization of CSF Cooperatives in the country.


What are the qualifications for membership of Cooperatives?

Only well-capitalized and well-managed cooperative with duly approved applications for membership and have contributed minimum amount of Php 100,000 may participates member of a CSF Cooperative 

What are the benefit of the LGUs from the CSF Cooperative

  • Supports poverty Alleviation Program
  • Increase in economic activities
  • Creation of More Jobs
  • Non-Suspectibility to high cost of borrowings
  • Increase Venues in the form of taxes and fees


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