Documentary Requirments

Every group of individuals intending to form a cooperative under this Code shall submit to the Authority a general statement describing, among others the structure and purposes of the proposed cooperative.

    Provided, That the structure and actual staffing pattern of the cooperative shall include a bookkeeper.

It provides the basic information needed to form the business and register in the state such as the Name of the Cooperative, its Purpose, Area of Operation, Common Bond of Membership, Organizing Members and Board of Directors and its Capitalization.

It shall be signed by each of the organizing members and acknowledged by them before a notary public.

These are rules or set of law established by an organization to regulate itself.

Each cooperative to be registered under the Code (RA 9520) shall adopt by-laws not inconsistent with the provisions of this Code.

Additional Documents to be submitted

  • Bond of Accountable Officers
  • PRS Certification
  • Other documents for special type of cooperatives (CETOS, Endorsement of DAR, etc)

Fees to be paid to CDA

  • Name Reservation: 30 days – P100.00

        60 days – P200.00 and 90 days – P300.00

  • Registration Fee – not less than P500.00

           or 1/10 of 1% of the Paid up capital

  • Legal Research Fee- not less than

        P10.00 or 1/% of the Registration Fee


Amount of Investment Generated for 2020


Gross Sales of Registered Firms for 2020


Total Business Registered


Total No. of Registered Cooperatives