Cooperative Division

Cooperative Division

Cooperative division is created with the aim at providing the cooperative sector in the city with various programs and projects geared towards its advancement both social and economic growth.

To complement this, Cooperative Projects Development and Cooperative Institutional Improvement sections were created to effectively implement the following functions that would cater mainly to the unique demands of cooperative sector in the city, such as:

a. Formulation of measures and provision of technical assistance to cooperative;

b. Development of plans and strategies for integration of cooperative programs and projects;

c. Development of support mechanism for growth and advancement of cooperatives and MSMEs, groups and individuals;

d. Institutionalization of cooperative, livelihood enterprise and entrepreneurial development endeavors;

e. Provision of technical and financial support to income-generating initiatives;

f. Establishment and operationalization of community-based income-generating activities;

g. Development of support projects to cooperatives, MSMEs, and

h. Collaboration and networking in the implementation of skills training programs and activities.

Moreover, economic development can be fully attained only if inclusive growth is felt by the people. Hence, strategic initiatives and approaches will not have to focus on the propriety of various economic activities only, but on the bigger impact on the development of the people as well, hence, GABAY Kooperatiba program was introduced as a holistic approach for the improvement of would-be and existing cooperatives and their ventures.

Gabay Kooperatiba Program

  • Big Brother, Small Brother Scheme: facilitation on business matching with bigger companies including cooperatives on material sourcing, outsourcing and sub-contracting needed goods and allied services;
  • Cooperative Housing Project, thru a mobilizer approach or Tenement Housing thru PPP modality on the operation and management of housing projects of the city;
  • Cooperative Development Project โ€“ partnership with partner stakeholders in the implementation of various events and activities such Cooperative Month Celebration and GAWAD Parangal;
  • Development of Enhanced Cooperative Directory
  • InTEAM Cooperative- Integrated Enterprise Assessment Mechanism implementation for Cooperatives
  • Organizational and Entreprenuerial Development Framework for Transport, Youth, RWSAs and other industry sector of cooperative (organizing, support projects such technical, financial, and livelihood assistance, trainings, and multiple convergence with local and national agencies;
  • Cooperative database and online systems (user-friendly and interactive)
  • Adaption of Koop-Kapatid Mentorship which aims to improve the management, governance and business operations of cooperatives thru provision of technical, financial or other forms of assistance;

Other support initiative for the cooperative sector:

(Greater Opportunities for Greener Sustainable Growth) Program

  • Learning Transfer on Green Technologies (Trainings, Mission Trips)
  • Participation to Fairs and Conferences on Sustainable Development
  • Special Citation on Green Practices at the GAWAD Parangal
  • Additional requirement/point for Certificate of Good Standing
  • KAKOSA (Kaagapay ng mga Kooperatiba sa Kaunlaran) Module


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