• Formulate economic investment policies relevant to the attainment  of a well-balanced economic growth for GSC;
  • Undertake research and special studies necessary to support the economic development programs of the city;
  • Identify and/or undertake to implement plans, programs and projects and other activities pursuant to economic development programs of the city;

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  • Organize, conduct and participate on the trade investment mission to other regions or foreign countries to promote the favorable business milieu of the city.
  • Further develop and maintain a strong database necessary to create a "One Stop Investments Information Center" for prospective investors and set for the purpose of program conceptualization;
  • Effect implementation of projects necessary for the attainment of the city's defined short-run economic and development goals.
  • Conceptualize and operationalize program and extension services relevant to the attainment of the city's long-run goal for a well-balanced development and sustained growth;
  • Coordinate with other local and national government units in identifying spatial and growth centers to effectively provide provisions for envisions for environmental protection; and 
  • Perform such other functions as may be determined but the Office of the City Mayor.

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