– MARIA CORA TITO – Tourism Promotions Division, CEMCDO

GEN.SANTOS CITY, 14 MARCH 2023 – The most awaited comeback and successful celebration of city festivals started the opening salvo with the most colorful Kalilangan 2023 this year.

Positive reviews flooded the social media and the organizers, both the LGU and MSU were most than just happy that all expectations were not only met, but surpassed. City Mayor Lorelie G. Pacquiao quipped that “the main goal of this cultural festival is unity amidst diversity. It was indeed accomplished, and the peaceful convergence of the tri-people created a stronger bond of camaraderie through culture and arts.”

In the economic scene, from February 9 to March 9 (a total of 29 days at the Oval Plaza), Direct Revenues amounting to Php 63,260,000.00 from the major Kalilangan events. Indirect Revenues reached Php200,000,000.00 attributed to the income generated from the four big Mall Sales during the period, the Airlines, the Hotels, the Restaurants, all modes of transportation, the dressmakers sewing the Streetdancers Costumes, the other companies having events joining the festivities, the Pastil and barbecue stands, and all other small coffeeshops and eateries surrounding the festival venues.

In short, the amount of Php 9,000,000.00 alloted by the City Government to finance the Kalilangan.

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