February 17-18, 2022 | The celebration of the Kalilangan Festival from February 21 to 27, 2022 was more than just building our cultural values and our community character, this fete also aims to create economic opportunities by providing a platform for micro, small and medium enterprises.

This year, Kalilangan Festival highlighted the backbone of the city’s economy, our local businesses with the Small Medium Enterprise and Development Council, Inc. In partnership with the Local Government of General Santos City through CEMCDO, with the assistance of the Department of Trade and Industry, Gensan Producers’  Association, and Veranza Mall of Gensan.  The Kalilangan means festivity or jubilee portrayed by a social gathering marked by exchanging of amenities among traditional leaders, elders, allies, and subordinates in varying tones.

It is also pageantry of unique and colorful ethnic rites, rituals, and traditions like marriage celebrations, religious ceremonies, anniversaries, funerals, and enthronement of royal dignitaries, thanksgiving, and other forms of social, political, and economic activities.

To sustain the core of Kalilangan, this year emphasizes the Culture of Care, “KALINGA KALINANGAN.”

This pandemic calls for everyone to care, to show kindness and concern for each other.

Building a culture of care means creating an environment where people feel valued, not just within but also outside their ethnolinguistic group. This leads to cultural indulgence and preservation.

Culture of Care also starts with connecting people’s culture through a deepened understanding of traditions, history, and heritage.

Along with with-it corollary is the celebration of the 83rd Founding Anniversary of General Santos City. (S LSB)

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